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Mastering is the final process where the Mix can be enhanced or even be corrected of some deficiencies if necessary.

This process will give you the necessary impact to compete commercially and have translation in diverse audio systems and streaming platforms.

In the case of an Album, the Mastering also ensures sonic uniformity and consistency between the tracks as well as seemless volume.

The goal is to preserve the dynamics and musicality, as well as to impart energy and provide a track with a well-balanced frequency response.

In our Mastering process we use the best Analog and Digital equipment and not an automatic software, so each track receives a unique treatment according to the needs of the Track(s).

Mastering Process:

Stereo Enhancement

This process allows you to manipulate the stereo field in different ways to provide a better spatial balance and a better relationship between L-R and the Center, this process can make your stereo image wider and bring a tighter center/low end image.


It allows you to achieve a better frequency response of your track, if it is necessary to correct any excessive frequency or harshness, or increase the frequencies or elements that need to stand out, giving you as a result a track with a great tonal/spectral balance.


The correct use of compression will correct or enhance the dynamic range of your mix and keep louder elements under control. This process will glue your Mix together giving you the feel of cohesiveness and impact .


This is the process that makes your track loudness level competitive without causing any clipping that leads to distortion.

Final Format Conversion

Process where the Audio is converted to their final format, for ex; an Audio CD:  44.1kHz 16 bit.

Sequencing & Spacing

Is where the tracks are placed in the corresponding order and with the correct space of time between them.

If you want to use our Mastering service and take your music to the next level go to our Booking Page and send us all the possible information.


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