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All the professional recordings and the Music we listen to on the Radio require a Mixing process

to achieve "That Sound".

During this Mixing process only a professional and experienced engineer makes the big difference, giving your songs the sound, balance, dynamics, energy and musicality that will take your music to the next level to impact your audience.

That is why Mixing is the artistic, emotional and technical process where the final decisions are made and for that reason it is the key process that all artists wish to have done by a true professional.
In this process, Reuven Amiel takes your Music and applies his experience and knowledge, utilizing the best Analog and Digital equipment, chosen to his own liking all integrated under a  state of the art hybrid system.

We use the best A/D  D/A Converters, Compressors, Equalizers, Effects Processors, Saturators, Plugins, mysterious and esoteric devices and boxes to achieve the Musicality, Vibe, Depth, Dimension and Color that gives the impact and emotion that your and your Music deserves.

Where we Color your Sound!

Send us your tracks and we will transform it into music into a Radio Ready Record!

If you want to use our Mixing service go to our Booking Page and send us all the possible information.

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