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Track Analysis

A Service with personalized answers about your Mix, Mastering or Music Production made to you by a Grammy Winning Engineer

Many people asked me if I could provide a service to give my opinion about their Mixing, Mastering or even their Production work.

This is how Track Analysis was born, this is a Service where I listen to your Track in my Studio, with different sets of Speakers with the best converters and monitoring system and where I give you my opinion about your track from a technical and emotional point of view.

This service can be extremely useful not only to improve your mix, but also imagine that now your will mix arrives with better quality to the mastering.

Track Analysis will greatly improve the final result of your product.

In the same way if you have done a Mastering in some place and you have any doubts, the Track Analysis will give you a professional opinion to get rid of doubts and ensure a better final result.

In the case of the Track Analysis for Music Production, the opinion will help you to build a better track, that will arrive with much more potential to the mix, thus saving many unforeseen events and maximizing the success of your track.

We will send your report that includes the analysis of all the following areas and advice necessary to finish your track successfully.
The report will arrive in a time no longer than 24 hrs, specify if you wish in English or Spanish.


  • Tonal Balance (Mix)

  • Instrument EQ

  • Instrument Balance/Relationship

  • Instrument Panorama

  • Use of EFFX

  • Dynamics

  • Headroom


  • Tonal Balance/Freq. Response

  • Compression

  • Stereo Image

  • Loudness

  • Vibe/Color


  • Song Structure

  • Arrangement

  • Sound Selection

  • Creativity

  • Frequency Balance

  • Vocals Arrangement

If you are interested in Track Analysis choose your language option to place your order
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